NADRA's MRT - second visit to Woking Mosque - 24-11-2013

NADRA's MRT - Second Visit Planned for 23,24 November

WABF have arranged a second visit of Pakistan High Commission on 23 and 24 November due to overwhelming response last time. The individuals who did not get served last time and have left their contact details will be given appointments first. More details to follow. Details of last visit given below.

The High Commissioner of Pakistan Confirms NADRA's MRT visit to the Woking Mosque at 9AM

The High Commissioner of Pakistan has confirmed NADRA’s MRT visit to Woking on 7 September at 9 am at Woking Mosque. 
Please reply to to book your place.

Further information from the High Commission:
  *   Computerized National ID Card (CNIC)/ National ID Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)- In case of applicants already registered with us
  *   Valid Passport (Pakistani/ Foreign)
  *   CNIC/ NICOP of parents/ siblings for all applicants- This may not be required for each applicant but it will be useful for all to bring this detail i.e. case specific requirement
Besides the noted documents, new-born's/ applicants registering for the first time, should have their full birth certificates (listing names of both parents), passports and CNIC/ NICOPs of their parents. Children can only be registered if their parents' marriage is registered with NADRA. Useful pointer in such cases is the presence of the name of spouse/ husband on the card of the child's mother.
Marriages/ Deaths/ Divorces are registered through fresh applications during the visit but, applicants will be required to provide respective certificates/ documents for each noted type besides the aforementioned bulleted documents.
Applications for the change of name will be accepted, if name change deed (attested by FCO and PHC London or one of the Pak missions) is provided by the applicant.
Please note that we will be operating our system in a remote environment i.e. no connectivity with the central databases, therefore cases pertaining to change of DOB, DUP clearance (i.e. removal of multiple cards) will not be processed during the visit.


Please click here to see the official letter, please note the date should read 7/8 September for the visit.