Networking Event a Huge Success - 04-12-2012

Dr Shabaaz Maugal Spurs First Team doctor was one of the 2 doctors that that effectively saved the life of Fabrice Muamba Bolton Wanders midfield player. Fabrice was effectively “dead” for 75 minutes, where the intervention of Shabaaz and Bolton's team doctor worked together to save his life.

Shabaaz shared the emotional day when football took second place, breaking news on the News network all around the world, virtually every football player around the world prayed for Fabrice life.

Dr Maugal shared his thoughts, his journey into football and his life dealing with premier and international players as well as giving insight to match day preparation.

Also at this WABF networking event we heard from Mark Arnall who worked in F1 from 1997-2009 and has returned to the sport again this season working for Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen. Mark was previously Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist to double World Champion Mika Hakkinen from 1997-2002 at McLaren and has worked with Kimi Raikkonen since 2003.

After working with the McLaren team for 10 years, Mark left with Kimi when he joined Ferrari in 2007. He has worked for Kimi ever since, including his time at Ferrari where he was world champion in 2007 and also in Nascar and the World Rally Championship. Mark’s talked about his journey into Formula 1, working with high profile sports stars, all the areas his job entails (including a typical race weekend) and also of the decisions he had to take that got him to where he is now.

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