Fabulous Football Fun May 2012 - 25-06-2012
Woking People of Faith: Fabulous Football Fun May 2012

 Woking People of Faith: Fabulous Football Fun May 2012

On the hottest day of Spring 2012 Woking People of Faith hosted the second Charity Football Tournament at Winston Churchill School, Woking.  Eight teams from local faith, sporting and business organisatoins played against one another for the 2012 Charity Trophy awarded by Mayor Michael Smith and Mayoress Anne Smith. Woking Asian Business Forum played consistently throughout the day and took away the winning medals. Woking United were worthy runners up.

Woking People of Faith charity works to facilitate understanding of differences in faith and culture for the good of the whole of Woking’s community.  The charity runs a number of events which help to build friendships, educate and serve the community.  This event was hosted by Charity volunteers and supported by local club members who kindly offered their time and expertise as referees.

Teams played twice in the opening stages of the tournament before lunch which was served for players and supporters under the trees before the semi-finals and final began. Players, visitors and friends enjoyed the opportunity to get to know one another.

Fabulous Football Fun May 2012