Update of sewer works - Monument Road, Woking - 19-06-2012

Since the beginning of June, Thames Water has excavated and replaced 22m of sewer in Monument Road and another 2m of sewer that lies within Eve Road. The sewer is now operational which means that the pumps have been turned off.

The area is known for running sand, a ground condition that is prone to causing voids under roads by high water levels washing away fine sand particles, which in turn can lead to depressions in the road. During their excavations, Thames Water have identified that voids may exist further along Eve Road and Surrey County Council has been advised of this.

The hole in the road has now been back filled with type 1 aggregate and time has been spent to ensure that the running sand will cause minimum disruption in the future.

The last stage of the work is the reinstatement of the road surface. Thames Water has agreed with Surrey County Council carry out full resurfacing of the highway. 

It is anticipated that the highway will reopen on Monday 25 June.