Business News Extra - 05-07-2010

We’re celebrating

It is with absolute pleasure that WABF announce that we have found our new community outreach representative. We would like to thank all candidates for their purposeful presentations during this process and we wish each person well in their future pursuits. From a substantial list of remarkable candidates, our decision is unanimous! It is with great pleasure that we announce Ms Urshia Khan from within our community has succeeded in being appointed to the post. This is a very exciting step forward for WABF.


The Sheerwater Summer Festival is on track for great community connections and lots of fun at the Sheerwater Recreation Grounds in Dartmouth Avenue, Sheerwater, on Saturday the 24th of July. Grab your diary now and circle the time between and as WABF will be there and will be offering something for every member of the family. Our big focus for the day is AAHA! – all about health awareness. WABF board director Dr Munira Mohamed has amassed a most impressive team of professional volunteers and these generous individuals along with equally generous community volunteers will make the most of enjoyable health information and advice for the whole family. Oh, and just to entice you a bit, we’ll be having a competition and a prize draw for all who pop by. Woking Football Club has generously supplied our top prize! Intrigued? Good! See you there!

Woking Cycling AthletesA community of winners

Speaking of health and peak performance – if you missed the 2010 Tour Series, you missed one of the truly outstanding performances of the year. The last Thursday of June, Woking Borough Council, for the second year running, hosted cycling athletes from local schools, local business and numerous other community partners as well as the professional athletes who competed on one of the truly tough cycling circuits. ITV cameras televised the race, thousands watched and all praised the superb efforts of the organisers. Well done to WBC. WABF had the pleasure of presenting individual winner Dean Windsor with an original painting by Olympic Team Artist Ben Dearnley. What a great community event this is and one of the most poignant side benefits was encouraging people to think about a greener method of transport all while showing off the community spirit side of Woking.

Linking learning…

Chairman of WABF Shahid Azeem is in good company on the speaking circuit for UK charitable organisation Mosaic ( Mosaic works towards a more integrated and thriving society where all individuals, regardless of background, are supported in realizing their potential. Shahid will be making two appearances in Slough at Wexham Academy and then Langley Academy. On both occasions, Shahid will be bringing his own diverse life experiences to these budding entrepreneurs and somewhat reluctant leaders of tomorrow. Motivating these students now is just the right message for these youth as the UK is the most multi-cultural society in the world and this is an investment in the future for all of us.


Learning continues for all of us. As part of WABF’s ‘Community Heroes’ initiative, we have just completed two highly successful programmes at The Maybury Center in Woking, over four days, where delegates were treated to Flexible Customer Service Skills and Interpersonal Skills for Business Leaders. Both workshops were action packed, well attended and a testament to what successful collaboration looks like. Our community partners, ESF – European Social Fund, Surrey Community Action and the Learning and Skills Council in association with WABF all contributed to the enjoyment and the learning. These collaborations are so successful that we are hoping to meet the criteria for the upcoming Challenge Fund initiative and we should be able to announce the good news of WABF’s participation at our next writing.


WABF loves our community partnerships with all of our schools and as such, we get to share their good news. Winston Churchill School has, over the past three years, developed a strong international association with Bishop Ngala School in Oboure, Kenya. During this time, WCS students, staff and parents have sponsored the education of 60 students at an equivalent cost of £100 per year, per child. Although the area of Obuore is lush and green and most people live by means of subsistence agriculture, its poverty level is below the United Nations poverty threshold of $1 a day income. Winston Churchill School is asking more people from our greater community to join with them in this most successful initiative of changing the life of a child through learning. For more information about this worthwhile and caring activity, contact Helen Bracher at Winston Churchill School – or WABF board director Tahir Hussain -

…and everywhere

Watch this space as WABF will soon be featuring the Connecting Classrooms initiative as well. In September, we are looking to host all head teachers and schools’ community liaison representatives in the Woking area to create stronger collaborative bonds for partnership education in a number of deprived areas in Pakistan. Education is the way forward and in our haste to be good world citizens, we must constantly strive to start by taking care of people and business here, first.

Speaking of winners

Congratulations and thank you to Bethany James, recent project manager of the Leadership Academy at the University of Surrey. Bethany has been awarded a place on the UK focused Teach First programme so she’ll be sporting her own “L” plates for awhile as she is “learning to lead” by leading learning! Check out this wonderful work at Bethany has been a hugely supportive leadership champion for WABF and the Asian community, among others, as she is so driven by creating equal opportunity in education and learning for all. Bethany certainly will make an inspirational mark on the Teach First community and WABF wishes her great success in her new career. Go Bethany!

A special time

The holy month of Ramadan is here. It is a very special time for Muslims and the demands that are made on practicing Muslims during this time are great. The opportunities therefore are great too. WABF holds firmly to the principles and practices of creating an inviting and caring, truly inclusive community. We therefore invite all members of the community, not just Muslims, to our Eid celebrations following Ramadan. Eid in the Park is a wonderful occasion for coming together, bringing your family and friends and joining us in Woking Park in September. The stunning array of clothing and colours is only second to the gorgeous food! Eid really is a community time of celebration. Regardless of your religious beliefs, we would love for you to come along. Keep watching and listening for exact details.

Join us

As you read this, Woking Asian Business Forum will have just completed its second AGM. We have thoroughly enjoyed the first two years of our existence and we look forward to many more. As ever, we need your help. Without our generous corporate sponsors, our community partnerships and our membership, we could not enjoy the pivotal position that WABF enjoys in this community. Thank you for your ongoing support and if you are not yet a WABF member, now is the time to become one!

We wish you and yours safe and happy summer holidays. October 14th at Woking Football Club is our next big networking event and as soon as we have finalised arrangements and confirmed our world class guest speakers, we’ll put it up here on the website.

You’re invited!